Marisa has a beautiful presence that is both soothing and healing. I would highly recommend her sound healing sessions to anyone looking to enhance and heal body, mind and soul

Marisa utilizes her long tradition in creating sounds to culminate in  an enjoyable, rewarding and healing experience.

Olivia Fowkes

Dallas Sutherland

It was perfect and went beyond what I thought it would be. To find peace after my nervous system collapse in such a short time is mindblowing

Sound healing practice is relaxing and different to therapies like massage, chiro. It's a total experience of body (relaxed), and mind (tune out, uplifting, energizing) and healing (soreness alleviated) There are a variety of sounds, some quite powerful to the senses and some just soothing.

Sue Bosward

Tom Allen

I would strongly recommend Marisa for sound healing sessions as I have experienced benefits on a physical, emotional and spiritual level from the treatments I have had.

Lisa Davis



Meditation and Yoga Nidra/ Sound Immersion