Soundbaths and Meditative Sound

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Dolphin Point Sound Meditations

OUT JULY 1st 2021

An hour of healing, therapeutic, peaceful, meditative sounds. A new age digital release only and available through the usual streaming outlets.

It does sound very beautiful. Textural and layered. Using the eons old principles of intentional sound in it's therapeutic guise combined with 21st century science of the healing potential of sound vibrations and frequency. This is the album that keeps on giving.
This is not an album of violin and songs, it is specific sound therapy instruments creating healing tones, a soundbath, 4 separate pieces to keep grounded, open heart, facilitate expression and empower

I'm donating 25% of all sales of this album to a cause very close to my heart, oceancare_icare to continue their research into the devestating impact that underwater noise pollution is having on marine creatures.


This is prescripitve sound medicine that works on your energy system.
*Do not listen whilst driving or operating machinery
*Drink plenty of water after your sound session
*Give it time to integrate. Listen as many times as you like but expect some changes to occur that may take time to settle in your system.